Boston Metro Badminton Club was established in 2006 as a non-profit club by Daphne Chang and Neil Davies. Our mission is to be a club for players to have fun and competitive games and to help to promote good sportsmanship and badminton. Our club is extremely diverse and includes players from many different countries. We also help advanced juniors in Boston area to improve their game by playing with them regularly.

Players are required to bring their own shuttles, rackets, proper badminton footwear and to pay for the admission fee of whichever facility we meet at. Our players are required to help out at the Boston Open (set-up, break-down, line-judging, etc.) given any scheduling conflicts and if requested. Club members are also required to represent Boston Metro team in the team events.

This is not a recreational club and we do not accept beginners or intermediate players. Participation is by invitation ONLY. For try-outs or more information please contact us.